Monday, November 28, 2011

Plenty To Be Thankful For - Blog Swap Reveal!!

Manic Mother

I'm THANKful for my blog swap partner!!!!!

Before I get to all the fun stuff, let me just say how much FUN I had with this blog swap and challenge!! I had been in a blog lull and this is just what I needed to snap me back into blog mode!! Thank you to Caroline, Courtney, Kristine, Meghan, and Sam for hosting such a fun and interesting challenge!

My blog swap partner was actually a match made in heaven! Seriously, Jules and I have so much in common and I had an absolute blast shopping for her!! So, without further ado let me show you all the great goodies Jules sent me! First, let me say that she sent this darling note explaining why she picked out each item for me. It was so cute and I wanted to snap a picture to share with everyone but cannot find it anywhere!! :(

How cute is this stationary! Jules sent a little note saying how much she loved stationary and how much fun it is to still get "snail mail" from friends. I have to agree! I love going to the mail and finding notes or cards from friends, "just because..." I love that the stationary had the pineapple, a symbol for friendship, on it; I thought that was very fitting!

Did someone mention Twilight? Yes, I am one of THOSE crazy Twilight fans!! I love that Jules picked out this hand cream for me in the perfect scent of Twilight Woods. It smells so wonderful, now if that Edward Cullen would just show up around my house that would be lovely!

Have you girl seen this cute lip balm in this little pod? I had never heard of it but, Jules said it was one of her favorites and I have to agree. I have used this every single night before bed and I am in LOVE! You can read more about this EOS lip balm on their website.

How great is this essie nail color? I actually have a nail appointment today and will be taking this polish with me. I cannot wait to see how it looks on, I just love a classic pale pink polish.

How fun is this ring? Its big and blingy with a lil color, just fabulous! I wore this a few times over the long weekend and got many compliments! P.S. Ignore my nails - remember in the paragraph above, I have a much needed nail appointment today!

Thank you so much JULES - you made my first ever blog swap such a joy!! I look forward to getting to know you more out in the blog-o-sphere!!

I cannot wait to see all the other swap reveal post today!!


  1. Stopping by via Jules blog :)

    Looks like you two were perfectly paired! You gave/received awesome items! Great job ladies!

  2. Aww...yay! I'm so happy you liked everything and that ring looks fab on you. EOS balms are so great. I think I have about every flavor they make.

    It really was so great being paired up with you! I've made a new friend in the blog world and for that I'm thankful.

    All of the goodies you sent me were to die for!

  3. what a terrific heart warming idea! I love it. she seems like a real gem.