Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alpine Village

Last year we were first time visitors to the Alpine Village at Trinity Baptist Church. It was such a fun Christmas outing for Addison that we have decided to add it to our Christmas "must-do" list.

In a nutshell, they turn the gym of Trinity Baptist Church into the Alpine Village. They have several small buildings such as, the candle shop, the card shop, and the book store. I believe that there were 10 or 11 shops in all. The children get to go into each shop, which is fabulously decorated like gingerbread houses and make a small craft. Addison made a candle, an ornament, an angel, reindeer food, a toy decorated a cookie, and picked out a book! Oh and the best part of all - the upstairs of the church is transformed into the North Pole with Santa, Mrs. Clause and elves! It is really a fun and festive time for the family as well and the last stop is a live nativity scene. It helps us to remember the true meaning of this wonderful season. This year my niece was able to join Addison at the Alpine Village, here are a few shots. Thanks to my sister in law for these pics; I forgot my camera!!

Charlotte and Addison inside the gingerbread shop.

The girls inside the snowman shop. You can see Charlotte's snowman in the bottom left hand corner of the picture. Oh and you can see the fake snow in Char's hair - they have a play area of fake snow that is just amazing to the kids!!
Sweet cousins telling Santa what they want for Christmas!

I must post a Tiny the elf update! He has made snowmen out of marshmallows and he took a ride on our Rudolph decoration!!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season with whatever outings may come your way!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last Monday night was "Family Night" at Addison's dance studio. Here is a sneak peak at her dances this year. I love that they are doing the GLEE version of True Colors for their ballet number!! Love the show and the song!!

This next video makes me chuckle - I do not think that Addison understands that she can bend her leg at the KNEE. Bless her heart she is gonna lose her balance trying to kick with such a stiff leg!!

I think that Momma is gonna have to bust our her old dancing skills and help the girl master the shuffle step!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

We have had so much festive fun around our house this Christmas season! We have gone to several Christmas concerts and watched MANY Christmas movies.

However, I would NOT suggest you go see Arthur Christmas. Addison and myself were not crazy about it at all!! I think that Shawn enjoyed it okay - it really was a sci-fi spin on Christmas that I just did not get into at all. Addison's favorite part was this video that was shown before the movie!!

We have had some rainy and cold weather the past few weeks, so Addison and I made our 2011 Gingerbread house!! These are so fun to do but, Addison is constantly wanting to eat the candy and not decorate!!

Our pesky little elf had a snowball fight in Addison's room last week. Just look at this mess he made!! He had cotton balls all over her floor and bed!! Oh my, I just walked in the kitchen and he was making snowmen with mini marshmallows, I must go snap a picture!! :)

Tiny, you sure have been a sneaky and messy boy this year!!!
Hope your holidays have been wonderful so far...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Stop That Elf!!!

Addison's "Elf On The Shelf" came for his yearly visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. Boy, has "Tiny" been super mischievous this trip!!

He has hidden inside our cabinets and under cups!!

He did bring Miss A a JB ornament as a gift for being such a great helper around the house lately!! (100% her idea to give the ornament a smooch!)
He went into A's dresser and decorated our living room with her undies!!!
Oh, Tiny - how embarrassing!!! She her undies hanging on the stockings!!
He even "rolled" the girls bathroom in toilet paper!!
Oh my goodness - I just walked into Addison's room and he is having a snowball fight with cotton balls!!! Let me go and stop that pesky little elf!!! If you have an elf at your house is he sneaky like ours???