Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fives....Random Questions

Just Me and My Life
It's Friday Fives over at Just Me and My Life!!

1. If you could be on a show(talk show, game show...)which one would you pick?

I would love to sit at the table and discuss a few things with the girls. I tend to agree more with Elisabeth Hasslebeck than the others, but would still love to go discuss the "hot topics".

2. What was your first job?

I was a cashier at our local Food Rite store while I was in high school. Oh how I can vividly remember the 3pm-9pm or 4pm-10pm shifts!!

3. What's one of you guilty pleasures?
I was a fan of Bethenny Frankel when she was a contestant on the Apprentice way back when. I never watched her on any of "The Real Housewives" but caught a "Bethenny Getting Married?" marathon a few weekends ago and was instantly HOOKED! I will admit that I have watched the episode where she had her baby more than ONCE! :)

4. Would you ever vacation alone?
ABSOLUTELY not!! I do enjoy my alone time but I would most definitely want my family with me to share the memories and fun! **We are actually leaving on vacation on Saturday, it will be the first REAL vacation we have had since 2007**

5. Democrat, Republican, or Independent??
I am 110% Republican!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Toes...

**I apologize for those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you have already heard about "THE SHOES!**

Addison has been asking for a pair of "Twinkle Toes" for months now, but she has a pretty small foot and we just could not find them in her size. With her starting Kindergarten on August 6th she needed a pair of tennis shoes, so we started on the twinkle toe hunt again. We found them at our local Rack Room and Addison was thrilled!! She was jumping all through the store telling everyone how AWESOME her new shoes were! I even had the employee at the shoe store tell me that she's never seen a child so excited about a pair of shoes. Here is a shot of the pair that Addison picked out and then a short video of what these shoes can REALLY do!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Project Life July 19th - July 25th

Another busy week for The Banks' and I only managed to snap one picture this week!! However, my Momma is constantly snapping pictures so she is the Project Life Photographer of the week!! Thanks Mom!!

July 19 - Addison has really started to like Toy Story. When we took her to see the movie she was a little freaked out over "big baby", if you have seen the movie you know who I am talking about! She was able to overcome that fear haha and went to see the movie again with my mom. Here she is with her buddy Jessie.

July 20 - Nothing like some good ol messy finger painting!!

July 21 - Even though Addison is a picky eater for the most part, she does LOVE her fruit.

July 22 - It has been so HOT that Addison has not been able to enjoy her Barbie Jeep or her bicycle this summer. Here she is "throwing the peace sign" to the camera.

July 23 - Bathing Beauty

July 24 - Addison went to a small fair in Millington, TN with my parents a few weeks ago. I just now uploaded the pics from my mommas camera and I loved this shot of A with the kangaroo.

July 25 - HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY JENA!!!!! It is so HARD to believe that she will be studying for her drivers test soon!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Favorite Perfume

1. DKNY - Red Delicious

2. Viva La Juicy by
Juicy Couture
This is one of my ALL time faves and I am currently out of it. I am making myself use up my bottle of DKNY before I buy another bottle of Viva La Juicy.
Click on over to The Undomestic Momma to play along!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MUST see T.V.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it really hit me in the gut!! I had to's just over a minute long, I promise you that you will be blessed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bloggy Blah

So, I have been in a bloggy kinda funk lately and just at a loss for words. I have been extremely busy at work and studying for yet another PRAXIS exam that I will take tomorrow at 730am. (Why am I up blogging at 1230am?????) This is the 3rd of 4 test that I have to take and pass before I can student teach in January 2010. The light is getting brighter at the end of this long, long tunnel! My admission ticket is printed, pencils sharpened and anxiety kicking!! I was reading over some Bible verses on fear and worry before I went to bed and I found something that I had to share. Max Lucado says to remember this about worry, I thought it was PEACEFUL* and something to easily remember!!

P ray, first (1 Peter 5:7)
E asy, now
A ct on it
C ompile a worry list
E valuate your worry categories
F ocus on today
U nleash a worry army
L et God be ENOUGH

I love the unleash a worry army!! Heck, I need a whole worry military!! So now that I have put up my first post in over a week hopefully my bloggy spirit will pick up! I have a GOAL to complete my 2010 project life album and I did not take a single picture last week!! We are going on vacation on July 31st so I know that I will have vacay pics to fill the empty spots in the album if needed. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jesus Loves The Little Children

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"
(Philippians 4:6-7).

Tonight was VBS family night at church, when the Pastor asked us to bow our heads to pray I looked to my right and I saw Addison on her knees. I snapped the picture with my iPhone, not great quality but just so sweet I had to share!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Life July 6th - July 12th

**I am a little late getting my post done this week but I did it** YAY!!

7.6 - Miss A being her goofy silly self. She was making all these faces at me and wanting me to text the pictures to different people. It is so bizarre to me that at 5 years old she knows about texting and emailing!! Its just the normal way of life for her, she wont know about the days without texting, emailing, etc.

7.7 - YES I attended another Go Girl Art party!! I am addicted to painting! I hope to try out a new "solo" painting her at the house this weekend.

7.8 - Addison will her Cullen crest ring on - before anyone thinks I am a bad mom please, please know that I do not let my five year old watch Twilight. She knows what it is because let's face it, the movie is plastered everywhere right now!! Addison gets spooked real easy, I do not know if she will ever be into the science fiction/vampire books like I am.

7.9 - My mommas sweet cat! His name is Max and he just loves Addison and Jena! He follows them around the house and even lays in the floor with them when they play Barbies! Addison calls him The Max Boutique and the Barbies go there for fashion advice!!

7.10 - Me and some friends drove to Tunica, Mississippi on Sunday to a Charlaine Harris book signing. We decorated my van for some "pre-trip" fun on the way down! If you watch True Blood or have ready any of the books you know all about Fangtasia and "V"!

7.11 - My signed copy of "Club Dead." I was bummed because I really wish I would have had the first book for her to sign for me, but since my friend was gracious enough to let me borrow many of the True Blood series I only actually bought 3 of the books. Meeting Charlaine Harris was definitely the highlight of my week!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Visit To Bon Temps...sorta

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you all had a restful weekend with friends and family. We stayed busy most of the weekend with odds and ends, I did manage to go and see Eclipse again with Marlana! Of course she LOVED it!!

On Sunday, Jessica, Krystal and myself headed down to the big city of Tunica, Mississippi. If you are from around the Mid-South you know that Tunica is nothing other than casinos and one small outlet strip mall. Jessica, my friend/coworker, had read earlier in the week that one of our favorite authors, Charlaine Harris would be hosting a book signing at The Tunica Museum.
Harris is the author of the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels that have now become the hit show True Blood on HBO. On the agenda, Mrs. Harris was to do a reading of one of her best sellers and then sign books for fans. She asked if she could turn the reading portion of her day into a question and answer session since we already read her books and we didn't need her to read to us. She was such a witty lady!! One of the questions that was asked was how Harris felt about the show going a different direction than the way she wrote the books. I personally do not like the show near as much as the books, I feel that Alan Ball is taking the show down a route that is a little too "out there" for my taste. Call me a prude but there are things on the show that were NOT in the book and the show would be just as good without them! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest! Harris' response to the question was that she did not care what Ball did with the show, that he had helped her gain more readers and helped her earn a check! HA! I just love that she was so candid and honest about every question that was asked!!
If you like to read and enjoy the vampire/werewolf/mystery storyline I would HIGHLY recommend Charlaine Harris' books!!
I have posted a few pics from the day - I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

my signed copy of "Club Dead"

Mrs. Harris signing Krystal's book

My decorated van for the drive down to Tunica!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top Three Thursday....Musicals

It's Top Three Thursday over at Kelly's Avenue. Today's topic is top three musicals that you want to see, in my case the top 3 that I want to see again!!

1. Mamma Mia

2. Hairspray - I have seen the movie several times but never the stage play. I am sure that it is just as good if not better than the movie!

3. Wicked - Momma and I went to Nashville last year to see this and it was breathtaking!! I have been a Wizard of Oz fan since I was a child so to see the story from another point of view was just fantastic!! Wicked is coming to Memphis again this fall and I really, really, REALLY hope to see it again.
Head on over to Kelly's blog and tell us your top 3!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Project Life June 28th-July 5th AND RESULTS!!

I PASSED!!!!!!

Now on to my regularly scheduled post!!

Its Project Life Tuesday over at The Mom Creative! Here are my shots for this week and as always use the Project Life button above to visit Jessica's blog and see the other weekly posts!!

6.28 - Here is a picture of one of our butterflies!! Aren't they pretty! All five of them had turned and it was time to let them go. Shawn and Addison actually had a little goodbye ceremony while I was at Zumba Monday night. This picture is not really clear - it seems like the camera wanted to focus on everything BUT the butterfly!!

6.29 - In honor of Eclipse coming out at midnight, Addison was showing Edward a little love. I am totally kidding here - she was just laying on MY pillow and I snapped a picture!

6.30 - I did not have a picture for Wednesday so I thought I would take a shot of one of my Project Life album pages. I get a lot of questions about Project Life so now some of my readers can put a picture with words. Here you can see the picture of the day and then my journaling cards in the middle section. When I am all said and done I will have a picture and a journaling card for EVERY DAY in 2010. We have already enjoyed looking through my album and we are only half way through the year!

7.1 - Addison getting ready of the 4th of July festivities with her red, white and blue mani/pedi

7.2 - I decided to go out on my own and attempt to paint on canvas without any professional instruction. Addison and I hit up Hobby Lobby and bought canvases, paints, brushes and an easel. Here is my first solo painting, it was MUCH harder without someone telling me which color to mix and exactly where to draw my designs. I was pleased with my first solo painting and look forward to letting my creativity flow again soon!

7.3 - Study, study, study...I am getting ready to take my THIRD section on the Praxis exam on the 24th of July. I have officially stepped BACK in to state testing study mode! I did get my results today from my Content Knowledge Exam and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.4 - Addison and I made a cake to take to my parents house for our 4th of July cookout. The cake was white with red and blue candies baked into the cake. It was delicious if I do say so myself!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday.....Favorite Purchases in 2010

It's Top 2 Tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma, this weeks topic is my favortie top two purchases of 2010!!

1. iPhone 3Gs
I have already done a post about how in the past I said I would NEVER buy an iPhone because I just was in a "solid" relationship with my blackberry. When I am wrong, I will say I am wrong and Boy was I WRONG about this phone. I love this phone more than I ever loved my blackberry! I now 100% understand the attachment that iPhone users have with their phones and I will never say never again!

2. Sketchers Tone-UpsI actually did not purchase these for myself but got them as a Mother's Day gift. I know that these shoes/flip flops are not going to do all the amazing things for my legs and booty that they claim they will do but they are AMAZINGLY comfortable!! I wear them everyday and they feel so good on my feet! I cannot wear flat shoes because I have such a high arch to my foot and these fit perfectly. They are not the cutest pair of flops that I own but they are most definately the most comfy!!

Head on over to The Undomestic Momma and tell us your Top 2 Fave Purchases of the year!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Total ECLIPSE of the heart

(like you would expect me to say I didn't!)
I am one of those people that if Hollywood is going to make a movie from a book then I prefer that they keep the story like the book! Eclipse was my favorite book from the Twilight Saga and I thought that they did a fantastic job with the story on the big screen! I would have to say that my favorite was the "tent" scene - it was just as I imagined it should be!
I loved seeing Rosalie and Jasper before Dr. Cullen saved them and how their lives were prior to the vamp way of life. I already have plans to see the movie again on Monday, I cannot wait to see some things that I might have missed at the midnight showing.

I am more than ready for this 3-day weekend! We have plans to do absolutely nothing and that is just the way I like it! Tomorrow night we will watch the fireworks from the luxury of our own yard! We are able to walk right out our back door and watch the firework show put on by our city. We will probably cook out with mom and dad one night, but for the most part we are just going to take it easy. I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe 4th!!

I will leave you with a picture of Addison sporting her 4th of July mani and pedi!