Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Project Life July 19th - July 25th

Another busy week for The Banks' and I only managed to snap one picture this week!! However, my Momma is constantly snapping pictures so she is the Project Life Photographer of the week!! Thanks Mom!!

July 19 - Addison has really started to like Toy Story. When we took her to see the movie she was a little freaked out over "big baby", if you have seen the movie you know who I am talking about! She was able to overcome that fear haha and went to see the movie again with my mom. Here she is with her buddy Jessie.

July 20 - Nothing like some good ol messy finger painting!!

July 21 - Even though Addison is a picky eater for the most part, she does LOVE her fruit.

July 22 - It has been so HOT that Addison has not been able to enjoy her Barbie Jeep or her bicycle this summer. Here she is "throwing the peace sign" to the camera.

July 23 - Bathing Beauty

July 24 - Addison went to a small fair in Millington, TN with my parents a few weeks ago. I just now uploaded the pics from my mommas camera and I loved this shot of A with the kangaroo.

July 25 - HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY JENA!!!!! It is so HARD to believe that she will be studying for her drivers test soon!!

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