Saturday, April 30, 2011

Closing yet another door...

I am sure many of you remember that in January I said good bye to the real estate world to start my student teaching. Well, this past Friday was the day that I closed the door on student teaching. I have said several times how wonderful my cooperating teachers were for this placement, and it was extremely hard to leave them and the students. I was strong though and held my tears until I was in my car driving away from the school. I met some amazing teachers and students that have impacted my future career as an educator more than they will ever know! Friday was such bittersweet day, my cooperating teacher had doughnuts for the class and all the students brought supplies and made this fabulous basket for me! I should have shot the basket from above because it is packed from the top to the bottom with school supplies!! Such a sweet thing for all the kids and their parents to do for me!!

Here is another little basket of goodies that came from a student as well - I will never forget my days with these kids!!

Now how CUTE is this door sign?? My cooperating teachers had this made for me and I cannot wait to see it hanging on my future classroom door! It makes me smile every time I look at it! (Thanks so much Mills and Barbee!!)

Friday night I went to a Girl's Night Out with my Connection Class at church and my good friend Karen had this little graduation gift for me. I love cute note cards and cute personalized note cards are even better!! Thanks for the sweet surprise Karen!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggstra Special Good Friday

WOW!! It has been a month since I have posted!! I have been so busy with school BUT the countdown has started, graduation is ONLY two weeks away!! I have been blessed with a fabulous cooperating teacher this time and will be so sad to leave her and the class. I have learned more than I EVER thought that I possibly could, and cannot wait to use some of these tips and strategies with my own students one day.

Our Good Friday started off with a trip to the movies. My mom and Addison always go and see the Disney Earth Day movie and since I was off this year I was able to join them.

This years movie was NOT kid friendly, we actually got up and left before it was over. Matter of fact another good friend of mine called me tonight to give me the heads up that she took her niece and walked out too! It was very, very violent and too much for an animal lover like my Addison!!

We came home and dyed a few Easter eggs - here are a few pics!! I actually have some pics from the past 3 Easters to post.




Hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend!!