Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggstra Special Good Friday

WOW!! It has been a month since I have posted!! I have been so busy with school BUT the countdown has started, graduation is ONLY two weeks away!! I have been blessed with a fabulous cooperating teacher this time and will be so sad to leave her and the class. I have learned more than I EVER thought that I possibly could, and cannot wait to use some of these tips and strategies with my own students one day.

Our Good Friday started off with a trip to the movies. My mom and Addison always go and see the Disney Earth Day movie and since I was off this year I was able to join them.

This years movie was NOT kid friendly, we actually got up and left before it was over. Matter of fact another good friend of mine called me tonight to give me the heads up that she took her niece and walked out too! It was very, very violent and too much for an animal lover like my Addison!!

We came home and dyed a few Easter eggs - here are a few pics!! I actually have some pics from the past 3 Easters to post.




Hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend!!

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