Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project Life Week 23 (June 21- June 27

6.21 - I have been talking so much about "painting parties" lately that Addison has been begging and begging to paint!! She decided that watercolor wasn't much fun so she turned them into finger paints!

6.22 - I went to a Go Girl Art painting party tonight and did this picture for Addison's room - I really like the way it turned out!

6.23 - We have butterflies!! We have two so far and are waiting on the other cocoons to hatch.

6.24 - I missed taking a picture on Thursday so I found this one on the computer that I just love. She is growing up so so fast!

6.25 - Again, I missed a Friday shot so I found this one that made me smile. Addison and my mom had made pies for Mother's Day but the rules were that there was one for her and one for Pops! Here they are with their pies and Addison is digging in!!

6.26 - My friend Cindy lost her niece Kelly to breast cancer earlier this month. Kelly was only 29 years old, a wife, and a mother to two children ages 6 and 10. Cindy got this tattoo on her foot in memory of Kelly. I never had the chance to meet Kelly, but I kept up with her battle with cancer through Cindy. Kelly was a fighter and she touched the lives of many, including my own.

6.27 - My Edward Cullen pillowcase! With Eclipse coming out this week, I HAD to include a shot of Edward in my album this week!!

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New Blog, Zumba, and Vampires....Oh My!!

I have a favor to ask of all my blog friends! My BFF Marlana has started a blog, will you girls hop on over to her blog and show her some love!! We have been friends for over twenty years, and have had some FUN times. I just adore her and her sweet family! Marlana is a fabulous photographer and I am so proud of her for starting a blog!

Last night I went to Zumba class and I absolutely loved every sweaty minute of it. It was a HUGE step for me to go to the class because I am so self conscious about gyms/workout facilities. Once I got there and the music started playing, it was like I was the only person in the room. A huge, huge, huge THANK YOU to Emily who posted about this free zumba class on her blog. She and I were able to meet in person tonight after class, so neat to connect with someone in person!! I can't wait for Thursday's class!!

I am going to see Eclipse tonight at midnight with several friends. I am stoked because this was my favorite book from the Twilight Saga. I promise not to post spoilers from the movie, but word on the streets is that this is the best one yet!!
Do you have your tickets yet??

Monday, June 28, 2010

Never Say Never...

I did it...

something that I have said MANY times that I would not do...

I bought an iPhone this weekend!

I have always...ALWAYS been a blackberry kinda girl. I actually tried to go the touchscreen (not an iPhone) route awhile back and just could not adjust to the keyboard. I went back to a blackberry that had a "track pad" vs. a "trackball" (sorry for all the terms here) and I had issue after issue with the track pad so I gave in and bought an iPhone. I would scream from the top of my lungs to anyone who asked that THEY WERE RIGHT!! This phone is amazing and I can text/type with ease!! I did not get the iPhone4 because I got a SWEET deal on a 16GB 3Gs and I was able to updated to the 4.0 software as soon as I plugged the phone into my MacBook. I think that this phone and I are headed for a fabulous long lasting relationship! Are you an iPhone user, if so leave me a comment with some tips or your favorite apps!!

On another note...
You can see the butterfly here with the last few cocoons that are about to open - I could not get a picture of the butterflies with their wings open but they look EXACTLY like that orange butterfly printed there on the bottom of the habitat. They are beautiful and I hope to snap a few pics of them with their wings spread when we let all 5 of them go this week. Again, I would recommend this for ANY one who has kids in their lives - we have had such a fun fun times time learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Five....Random Questions

Just Me and My Life


1. If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
If I had a "free" day off work, I would spend the day PAINTING!! Recently I have attended three painting parties where you paint a picture on canvas. So far, I have painted two flowers and an old church. I have never considered myself crafty or creative, but painting is so relaxing. I plan on going to hobby lobby this weekend and buying a blank canvas, some paints and brushes, the girls and I are going to have a artsy
creative kinda weekend!!

(Addison holding my recent painting that I did Tuesday night)

2. If you could start fresh, what profession would you choose?
Funny you should ask this question! I have been in some area of real estate for almost ten years and although I do enjoy real estate, my calling is to be a teacher. When I graduated from High School, I knew in my heart I wanted to teach, but life kinda got in the way and I took another route. 3 years ago I went back to college to finish my Bachelor's Degree and will student teach in January 2011. I am so proud of myself for completing this lifelong goal!!

3. What is your favorite candy or candy bar?
I love hard candy!! Jolly Ranchers, butterscotch, lifesavers, etc!

4. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an "As Seen on T.V. item?"
I have never actually ordered anything directly from the T.V. but I have bought several things from the "As Seen on T.V." section at Walgreens! Recently, I have bought a PedEgg (did NOT work) and BumpIts as a gift for a friend.
(Disclaimer - a good friend actually wanted "BumpIts" and they were another DID NOT WORK product!!)

5. What's the movie you ALWAYS cry at?
Sex and The City Movie

The First Sex and The City Movie when Charlotte is yelling at Mr. Big after he stands Carrie up at the wedding! That scene gets me each and EVERY time!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Three Thursday...Classic T.V. Shows

1. A Different World

2. Full House
3. Three's Company (my ALL time fave show EVER!!!)
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project Life Week 23 (June 14 - June 20)

6.14 - Our caterpillars for The Live Butterfly Garden - 4 of them are at the top making their cocoons, we have to wait til all 5 are at the top before we move them into their new habitat.

6.15 - I started Weight Watchers this week and found these gems at Kroger. They are FABULOUS (and only 2pts!!) They are super easy to make you just add yogurt, mix them up and throw them in the oven. Addison and Jena both thought they were really yummy and that says a lot cause Miss A LOVES chocolate!!!

6.16 - Addison has been asking how to spell words this week and tonight she asked how to spell this. She wrote I love you on an index card for me to take to my office.

6.17 - All of our caterpillars are at the top of the cup and they are starting to turn that shiny iridescent color. It is almost time for them to move into their new habitat!!

6.18 - The caterpillars will just hang out here until they come out of their cocoon! Shawn had to move them from the cup they were in and pin them to the inside of this mesh habitat.

6.19 - Still no butterflies!

6.20 - Addison sat and watched these cocoons for awhile today! She cannot wait to see her butterflies flying in their habitat! Once they live in this mesh habitat for a couple of days we will let them go. According to the information that came with them, these particular butterflies will stay close to our house for up to a month!!

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Top Two Tuesday...Reality T.V.

I do realize that today's topic is top TWO Tuesday - but I have so many favorite reality t.v. shows I just did not know where to STOP!!

Join in on the Top Two Tuesday fun over at The Undomestic Momma

1. Ruby - I love this show!! There were be nights when I will be up watching and just laughing til I cry at Ruby! She is so so cute and funny!! She makes me so "hacky!!"

2. Home Sweet Hollywood - Tori and Dean
LOVE the show, LOVE them

3. Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty

Love ALL things Jessica!!!

4. The Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
This actually brings a tear to my eye to look at this picture - I do own every season of this show and I still watch them!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

They're BAAACK!!

Shawn and I took the girls to see Toy Story 3 this afternoon, it was SUCH a cute movie! I mean, we are talking about Buzz, Woody and the gang so how can it not be cute, right? Addison told us before we left that she would rather see the movie in "2D" because her head was too small for the 3D glasses. That has been a gripe of mine since they started coming out with all these 3D movies for kids, if you are making the movies for kids how about some kid size 3D glasses please???
Anyone else going to hang with the TOYS this weekend?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Five.... Top FIVE favorite songs EVER!!

Just Me and My Life

Top FIVE Favorite Songs....EVER!!

1. "Raining on Sunday" by Keith Urban
I love this song for so many reasons and anytime it comes on the radio or on my iPod I am a singing machine!

2. "Defying Gravity" from Wicked
Enough said.

3. "Addey" by Degarmo and Key
This song was a favorite of mine in high school and just brings so many good and fun memories to my mind! Another songs that just brings a smile to my face when I hear the first notes being played in my earphones!

4. "Why" by Nicole Nordeman
This song is beautiful, it is the story of a little girl asking her daddy, Why did Jesus have to die? Powerful! I love Nicole Nordeman, I could have listed 5 of her songs as my favorites. Her lyrics are powerful, moving and most importantly they honor and teach about my Lord and Savior.

5. "Affair of the Heart" by Rick Springfield
I love ALL things Rick Springfield and I have since the 1st grade! I have seen Rick in concert MANY times (I wont tell you exactly HOW many!) and when I here that first guitar riff of Affair of the Heart it just takes me back to 1981, laying in my bedroom floor with those HUGE headphones on listening to my Rick Springfield cassette tape!

Jump on over to Just Me and My Life and tell us your Top Five Favorite Songs!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ooey Gooey Fat Free Brownies

I made these brownies tonight for the girls and they were FABULOUS!! All you add is a 2/3 of a cup of fat free vanilla yogurt and mix (this is MY kind of baking!!) I was really getting discouraged as I was mixing the yogurt with the mix because it was really, really thick and I just did not think that they would be decent enough to eat. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the pan out of the oven, I had a pan full of ooey gooey goodness!! I highly recommend these and I will look at my grocery store for more No Pudge products!
**I bought this box at my local Kroger**

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Life Week 22 (June 7th - June 13th)

Its Project Life Tuesday!! I missed last week because I had my nose in a study guide! I was going to do two Project Life posts this week but decided that I would just skip that week in my album and fill it in with "filler" pictures later. Here are my pictures for week 22 of 2010. Enjoy!

6.7 - I was in my room studying for my Praxis exam and Addison walked in and said, "Do ya like my hair style?" God knew I needed some stress relief because the second she walked in the room a huge smile came across my face!

6.8 - My parents bought Addison this little stuffed dog on a leash from a small town fair in Millington, TN. She was so wiped out on Tuesday night that she fell asleep still "walking" her pup!

6.9 - How cute are these? Addison picked up this "My First Mosaic" kit at Hobby Lobby. They were a really great craft for her to work on! The cards had a pre-printed picture on them along with different color squares, triangles and circles so guide her where to put the foam stickers.

6.10 - My little mermaid - Miss A has been taking swimming lessons this week!
Her face looks so white in this picture from the sunscreen - she is looking at little vampish!

6.11 - We went to see Marmaduke on Friday night, she really enjoyed it and picked up this mini movie poster on our way out of the theater.

6.12 - I do not know if any of you have seen the commercial for the "Live Butterfly Garden" on TV. You can read more about the kit HERE. It is a really neat concept where you can watch the life cycle of a butterfly with your kids! Our live caterpillars came today, we cannot wait to watch them grow into the Painted Lady Butterflies!

6.13 - A shot of the caterpillars! These little guys were tiny just two days ago, we have been amazed at how fast they have grown. The company ships them to ya in this little cup that is already filled with food (brown stuff at the bottom of the cup) all we have to do is what for them to move to the top of the cup and form the cocoons!