Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project Life Tuesday - Week 20

5.24 - My own "picture find" puzzle on my nightstand, let's see can you find iPod earphones, Hannah Montana 3-D glasses, kiddie fingernail clippers, an index card, an ink pen and a ring? Oh and please don't forget DUST!!!!!!!

5.25 - Addison in the backyard at my Mom's house!! Ewwwwww thank goodness for water hoses!!

5.26 - I went to see Sex and The City 2 at midnight - my camera was out of batteries or I would have snapped a shot of us girls actually at the movie!

5.27 - This is an old picture, but I wanted it in the album to show that blankie on Addison's head. My Aunt gave her this blanket, it was actually attached to one of the preemie outfits that my aunt gave me at my baby shower. Addison loves "him" and she loves to sniff him right before she falls asleep. The picture below is of "blankie boy" now.

5.28 - Blankie has had better days - he has been sewn into another blanket, and patched multiple times. The grey wolves that you see there is a piece of fleece that my mom sewed onto the original blanket. I do not know what we are going to do when blankie is just down to mere pieces of a blanket - that day is coming SOON!!
5.29 - This Memorial Day weekend was filled with some pool time for Addison - she starts swimming lessons this week. I am hoping for the best!!

5.30 - An activity that Addison did in Sunday School today. You can see that she was in charge of setting up a room for Elisha and she would make sure that he had some doggie Christmas ornaments, Santa, a lamp and a couch!! If you have been following my posts anytime - you know how much Miss A loves Christmas!!

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  1. Cute pics! Looks like you girls are having a fun summer.

    Thanks for sharing...