Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Life Week 22 (June 7th - June 13th)

Its Project Life Tuesday!! I missed last week because I had my nose in a study guide! I was going to do two Project Life posts this week but decided that I would just skip that week in my album and fill it in with "filler" pictures later. Here are my pictures for week 22 of 2010. Enjoy!

6.7 - I was in my room studying for my Praxis exam and Addison walked in and said, "Do ya like my hair style?" God knew I needed some stress relief because the second she walked in the room a huge smile came across my face!

6.8 - My parents bought Addison this little stuffed dog on a leash from a small town fair in Millington, TN. She was so wiped out on Tuesday night that she fell asleep still "walking" her pup!

6.9 - How cute are these? Addison picked up this "My First Mosaic" kit at Hobby Lobby. They were a really great craft for her to work on! The cards had a pre-printed picture on them along with different color squares, triangles and circles so guide her where to put the foam stickers.

6.10 - My little mermaid - Miss A has been taking swimming lessons this week!
Her face looks so white in this picture from the sunscreen - she is looking at little vampish!

6.11 - We went to see Marmaduke on Friday night, she really enjoyed it and picked up this mini movie poster on our way out of the theater.

6.12 - I do not know if any of you have seen the commercial for the "Live Butterfly Garden" on TV. You can read more about the kit HERE. It is a really neat concept where you can watch the life cycle of a butterfly with your kids! Our live caterpillars came today, we cannot wait to watch them grow into the Painted Lady Butterflies!

6.13 - A shot of the caterpillars! These little guys were tiny just two days ago, we have been amazed at how fast they have grown. The company ships them to ya in this little cup that is already filled with food (brown stuff at the bottom of the cup) all we have to do is what for them to move to the top of the cup and form the cocoons!

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  1. What a cutie pie. Also what a FUN week y'all had!!!