Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project Life Week 23 (June 14 - June 20)

6.14 - Our caterpillars for The Live Butterfly Garden - 4 of them are at the top making their cocoons, we have to wait til all 5 are at the top before we move them into their new habitat.

6.15 - I started Weight Watchers this week and found these gems at Kroger. They are FABULOUS (and only 2pts!!) They are super easy to make you just add yogurt, mix them up and throw them in the oven. Addison and Jena both thought they were really yummy and that says a lot cause Miss A LOVES chocolate!!!

6.16 - Addison has been asking how to spell words this week and tonight she asked how to spell this. She wrote I love you on an index card for me to take to my office.

6.17 - All of our caterpillars are at the top of the cup and they are starting to turn that shiny iridescent color. It is almost time for them to move into their new habitat!!

6.18 - The caterpillars will just hang out here until they come out of their cocoon! Shawn had to move them from the cup they were in and pin them to the inside of this mesh habitat.

6.19 - Still no butterflies!

6.20 - Addison sat and watched these cocoons for awhile today! She cannot wait to see her butterflies flying in their habitat! Once they live in this mesh habitat for a couple of days we will let them go. According to the information that came with them, these particular butterflies will stay close to our house for up to a month!!

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  1. Love the butterfly project! Where did you find that?