Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Life July 6th - July 12th

**I am a little late getting my post done this week but I did it** YAY!!

7.6 - Miss A being her goofy silly self. She was making all these faces at me and wanting me to text the pictures to different people. It is so bizarre to me that at 5 years old she knows about texting and emailing!! Its just the normal way of life for her, she wont know about the days without texting, emailing, etc.

7.7 - YES I attended another Go Girl Art party!! I am addicted to painting! I hope to try out a new "solo" painting her at the house this weekend.

7.8 - Addison will her Cullen crest ring on - before anyone thinks I am a bad mom please, please know that I do not let my five year old watch Twilight. She knows what it is because let's face it, the movie is plastered everywhere right now!! Addison gets spooked real easy, I do not know if she will ever be into the science fiction/vampire books like I am.

7.9 - My mommas sweet cat! His name is Max and he just loves Addison and Jena! He follows them around the house and even lays in the floor with them when they play Barbies! Addison calls him The Max Boutique and the Barbies go there for fashion advice!!

7.10 - Me and some friends drove to Tunica, Mississippi on Sunday to a Charlaine Harris book signing. We decorated my van for some "pre-trip" fun on the way down! If you watch True Blood or have ready any of the books you know all about Fangtasia and "V"!

7.11 - My signed copy of "Club Dead." I was bummed because I really wish I would have had the first book for her to sign for me, but since my friend was gracious enough to let me borrow many of the True Blood series I only actually bought 3 of the books. Meeting Charlaine Harris was definitely the highlight of my week!!

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