Monday, December 5, 2011

Stop That Elf!!!

Addison's "Elf On The Shelf" came for his yearly visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. Boy, has "Tiny" been super mischievous this trip!!

He has hidden inside our cabinets and under cups!!

He did bring Miss A a JB ornament as a gift for being such a great helper around the house lately!! (100% her idea to give the ornament a smooch!)
He went into A's dresser and decorated our living room with her undies!!!
Oh, Tiny - how embarrassing!!! She her undies hanging on the stockings!!
He even "rolled" the girls bathroom in toilet paper!!
Oh my goodness - I just walked into Addison's room and he is having a snowball fight with cotton balls!!! Let me go and stop that pesky little elf!!! If you have an elf at your house is he sneaky like ours???

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