Monday, November 14, 2011

Testing, Testing, is this thing on???

WOW - So it has been almost THREE months since I updated my blog! I will be honest and say that I have just been in a slump lately. I graduated in May with my Bachelor's Degree and I was just so sure that I would have a teaching position by now. I had started following all of these teacher blogs and just knew I was going to get to use all these fabulous ideas in my classroom. I am guessing the Man upstairs had a different plan because, I am still unemployed. I have been sending out resume after resume and figured since I have time on my hands why not catch up with this blog!!

Let me do a 3 month summary in pictures....

I went to see the next four amazing people in concert.

I saw Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour in Nashville. The show was FABULOUS and I would go see her again if she came close to town. Boy, how I wish I could attend her FREE Katy Gives Back show in L.A. on the 23rd!

Rick Springfield in Jonesboro, AR - his show was amazing as always!!
Rick you are ALWAYS my #1!!

Gavin DeGraw here in Memphis. It was my first time seeing Gavin LIVE and let me just add that it will NOT be my last!!

David Cook was with Gavin Degraw and what I heard of his portion of the show was really good. Unfortunately, he did not grace us with his face until well after 10:30 and well we had a babysitter at home with A.

I have seen a few movies but my favorite in these past three months has been

I loved how they did not change too much from the original other than updating some of the songs. I thought that Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough did a fantastic job as Ren and Ariel. I enjoyed this film so much, I saw it 3 times in one weekend!

I have started a new love affair with a late night TV host. That's right, I cannot go to bed until I have my quality time with this guy.
I have added, "see Jimmy Fallon live in NYC" to my bucket list!!

Lastly, on October 28th, I said goodbye to a long time friend.
My friend, April Lowe Kelly gained her angel wings after a two year battle with breast cancer. She was 35 years old and was just a phenomenal fighter throughout her battle with this horrible disease. I can only HOPE that I leave the amazing legacy behind that she has left. She loved The Lord her God with ALL her heart and leaned on him daily as she was in severe and horrible pain. I rejoice knowing that she is in heaven with no more pain, but saddened that she left behind her loving husband and three beautiful children. Will you pray for this family as they are dealing with the loss of a daughter, sister, wife and mother?
I will see you again sweet and beautiful friend!!

So that is pretty much the tall and short of my life lately, but I am so looking forward to being a part of this and getting back in the the "blog-o-sphere"!

Manic Mother

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