Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Plenty To Be Thankful for - Day 7: Thanksgiving Traditions

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Day 7 - I'm THANKful for Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Like many families we have a full day on Thanksgiving! We usually start out on Shawn's side of the family, where I eat the best dressing ever, and then head to my parents later that evening. I know sometimes it seems so hectic during the holidays to go to both families, but I really am blessed to have both sets of parents/in-laws here locally where we can be with them both!!

We do have a PRE-Thanksgiving tradition and that we have done the past three years, and that is putting up our Christmas tree. I do not know if you will find a child that adores Christmas as much as my 6 year old. I am meaning she loves ALL things Christmas from the music to the decor, she loves it all!! I enjoy getting up all my decor so that I can enjoy it for a good 5/6 weeks before having to take it all back down.

Here are a few shots of my tree.

Anyone have any tips on how to get a good shot of the tree with the room lights off but the tree lights on?? I just LOVE how it turned out!!

Ignore how my room looks crooked - I have no clue what I was doing with the camera!! See that little cat to the left of my tree??!!

Well here she is...she LOVES to lay under the tree!! She and I are gonna fight if she
does not stop darting out and knocking my ornaments off!!! The picture on the right is "Tiny" he comes every year once the decorations are out. His first landing spot was here on a picture in Addison's room. If you have small children the "Elf on the Shelf" is a must for the Christmas season!! Such a fun and magical thing to do with the kiddos!!

After re-reading my post, I realize that my Thanksgiving traditions could also be classified as Christmas traditions, but never the less they are still Thanksgiving traditions to us!!

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