Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twilight Link Up!!


1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?
Oh YES I am!! I am going with my two friends Angela and Jennifer, along with my cousins Melissa and Mindy (who is in from Australia) and my MOM!!

2. Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?
I am not gonna lie - THE HONEYMOON!!

3. Team Edward or Jacob?

Totally Team Edward!! You mean there is someone named Jacob in Twilight??

4. Favorite book in the Saga?
My favorite book of the Saga was Eclipse and so far that was my favorite on film too. We shall see if Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 changes my mind!!

5. Favorite character in the series and why?
Alice Cullen
I feel absolutely confident that Alice and I could be BFF's!! She's funny, cute and sarcastic when she needs to be. I just LOVE how she is such a good friend and future sister in law to Bella. I cannot wait to see all the planning she did for the wedding come to life on the big screen!!

Are the books or movies better?
I personally ALWAYS like books better. I really enjoy using my own imagination to add to the story. I am not complaining though - I do enjoy seeing Edward on the big screen!!

Do you have a Twilight collection?
Yes, I have several Twilight items. I have an Edward Cullen pillowcase that I sleep on every single night. I have calendars, puzzles, games, dolls, Edward Christmas
stocking and of course all of the books and moves on DVD. The one thing that I do not have is a Twilight Christmas ornament, I am hoping to find one this year!!
I cannot wait to see him hanging on the mantle this year!!!


  1. Yay! we have lots of Twilight stuffs in common! I adore Alice, and of course, im Team Edward! Im so looking forward to the honeymoon scenes! Thanks for linking up!

  2. soooooo excited for the honeymoon scenes!! :)

  3. Absolutely love your answers :))