Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top Three Thursday....3 favorite places to shop

My three favorite places to shop:

1. Sephora
What girl does NOT love Sephora??!!?

2. Target
I walk in this store many, many days and spend entirely too much money because of that dang 1.00 spot right by the front door!!!

3. The Children's Place
If you have little ones - I LOVE the clothes and shoes at The Children's Place!! They have such cute and fashionable clothes for little ones, and also have great sales and coupons which is a huge plus!!

Where are your THREE favorite places to shop? Click on the button at the top of this post to play along!!


  1. Love 1 & 2

    And yes the $1 part is my mom and my favorite!!!

    Thanks for playing

  2. Good top three. I don't have a sephora around me but when I lived in VA we had one. I am not big on makeup...but the store was very cool.
    Adore the children's place too. My girls are starting to get close to the end of that store. insert sad face.