Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project Life - Week 14 (a day late!!)

Better LATE than never!! I have told myself that I will NOT get behind on the photo's for my 2010 album, posting them every week keeps me accountable!!

4.12 - I loved Nala all layed out on Addison's cheetah/zebra bed!!

4.13 - This is a stone on the pathway in my parents backyard - I think that my sister in law painted this heart on the stone one summer. This week has been just hectic busy, so I felt that this heart was fitting - I know that God's love is with me always!

4.14 - Do you hear the angels singing??!!?? I have had a MyTouch 3g for about 6 months, and for 6 months I have TOLD myself how much I love it! WRONG - I came close to having a breakdown this week over that dang touchscreen phone! I text Shawn and asked him to stop at the nearest T-Mobile and get my Blackberry BACK?? Is it wrong to be in love with a phone so much??!!? I AM KIDDING!! I do love it though!!

4.15 - I helped out at Oak Elementary today with TCAP exams. TCAP's are our state standardize test that the students take once a year, I was happy to be able to help out!

4.16 - This is Melissa's garbage can! Was she busy today or WHAT?? The two cups are from DJ Smoothie - we had a fabulous smoothie with banana, blueberry, pomegranate and acai berries.

4.17 - My painting from the Go Girl Art Class!!

4.18 - Addison and Flat Stanley at the movies! We went to see How to Train A Dragon in 3-D!! Flat Stanley will be in all my pics next week, I will explain later! :)

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  1. How funny! My daughter is doing the Flat Stanley project right now. She is a 3rd grader here in Kansas! Such a fun project! :)