Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy days and Saturdays always get me down....

Don't you love when the weather TRIES to mess up your set plans? I had such plans for this weekend, which all were rearranged once the horrible wind and storms decided to blow through Memphis on Friday night! Our power kept going off and on, off and on to the point that I had to put a miner type flashlight on my head to do homework! The storms kept us awake almost all night on Friday, as soon as I would fall asleep Addison would be up and in my bed. The child is all arms and legs when she sleeps with you! Once the storms calmed down, I would move her back to her bed and it seemed within seconds she was back in our bed!
On Saturday afternoon, we had made plans to go and listen to our friends Kevin and Bethany Paige sing at the Bartlett Block Party. Some of you might remember Kevin, he had some top ten hits in the 80s, you can take a quick listen below
I have been friends with Kevin and his wife Bethany, another amazingly talented musician for almost TEN years now. WOW!! Where have the years gone?? Here is a clip of B, singing one of my favorite songs

Kevin and Beth recorded a Christmas CD this year that has become Addison's favorite of all time!! She still listens to the CD every day - Yes, in April she is still listening to Christmas music! I was so bummed when the storms came because I just knew that The Block Party would be cancelled, but to our surprise they just moved the band inside and the show went on! Addison had a great time, and loved her first live concert! These two pictures were the highlight of Addison's day!!

Beth, Addison and Stevie (Beth and KP's daughter)

Addison and Kevin

A big thank you to KP and Beth for being so sweet to Addison - she had a great time, and an even BIGGER thank you to the storm for not totally messing up our weekend plans!!


  1. The weather messes up my plans 7 months out of the year in Seattle -- haha, I can totally relate!

  2. I heart Kevin & Bethany! I miss those nights at Alfred's :)

    On another note: I saw this post today, and thought you might like it...what do you think?