Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Life - Week 12

3.29 - I am currently taking Classroom Management, Arts and Social Studies Instruction, and General Methods for Teaching. I have attempted to take 3 classes on term in the past and I said I would NEVER do it again!! Well, I am taking three classes THIS term and I will NEVER do it again! :) Luckily - I am almost done with school, I will student teach in Jan. 2011! I am taking the summer OFF, and then have one more semester of classes before I student teach. YAY!

3.30 - This is a picture that I took last year of Addison coloring her Easter Eggs, I love the picture and want to include it in my 2010 album!

3.31 - Addison coloring her eggs, Easter 2009. I wanted to have this one in the album to compare with the 2010 picture I have of her dying eggs

4.1 - Addison made this cross at school this week. She had her Easter egg hunt today at school, and when I asked her how many eggs she found she said, "a million...okay maybe only twelve."

4.2 - I loved this picture of her - I can just hear her laughter when I look at the picture!

4.3 - Addison and her zoo of eggs! She had a great time dying eggs this year. Our conversation went something like this.
ME - "No Addison, the eggs have to DYE in the cups before you put stickers on them."
ADDISON - "Ohhhhhh, do they have to go to heaven after they die?"
ME - uncontrollable laughter, she is so FUNNY!!

4.4 - Easter Sunday!! We had a wonderful Easter and the weather was beautiful! We went to Shawn's parents on Saturday night, and then went to my parents Sunday afternoon. Addison had a friend come over to hunt eggs with her; they had a great time running around searching for eggs. We came home and took a LONG nap! Addison told us that this was her BEST Easter EVER!!

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  1. Your photos are fab again this week! I cannot even imagine trying to fit studying in my life, don't know how you do it!!

  2. I'm working on getting my special ed degree. I love all of the information I'm learning. Hang in there you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Stephanie, you have a beautiful daughter, and she looks stinkin' hilarious! I can see how her laughter would be mighty infectious! Great photos this week!