Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Life- Week 15

It's Project Life Tuesday and I am WAYYYY behind on this post, but the good thing is that I actually did get the pictures posted on TUESDAY this time!! My pics this week all have a little boy by the name of Flat Stanley in them. Flat Stanley lived with us this week why I "created" a shortened version of a Flay Stanley project that I will one day do with my students in my own classroom. If you have kids and they have not done the Flat Stanley project, you should check out the books, I had fun with him this week and I am 36!!! Anyway, on to the pics!! I AM SOO FAR BEHIND ON MY JOURNAL CARDS - ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASS AND I WILL CATCH THEM ALL UP!! I DO NOT LIKE BEING BEHIND!!

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4.19 - Flat Stanley helped me write out my "reflections" of all observations that I have been doing in the Memphis City and Shelby County Schools.

4.20 - Stanley joined the crew at CloseTRAK today! He was able to get along with everyone and enjoyed his day in the world of real estate!

4.21 - That sneaky little Stanley, I caught him in the bed with Addison.
Notice her nice Zhu Zhu pet tattoo - she said she needed to show off her "guns" at school.

4.22 - Stanley went with Addison to her follow up allergy appointment. Good news!! The antibiotic and steroid have been doing their job and NO MORE BREATHING TREATMENTS!!

4.23 - Flat Stanley getting a quick suntan while I am letting my nails dry.

4.24 - I know I already posted about these pics this week but I want to make sure that they are in my Project Life album. Addison and her new buddy Kevin Paige

4.25 - This is actually a Saturday picture but again, I wanted it i the album so I will just make it the Sunday pic for this week. Addison with our friends Beth and Stevie Paige.

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  1. Oh it looks like Flat Stanley had a great week.