Monday, April 19, 2010

Workshops, Painting and Dragons - OH MY!!

What a busy, busy, BUSY weekend around my house this weekend, but it was full of fantastic fun! On Saturday I attended a Praxis workshop at school. I was not happy about being there at 8 am on a Saturday morning, but I was extremely grateful for the instructors that offered their time to do the workshop for us!! I take the Content Knowledge portion of the test this Saturday at 730am; this will be the 2nd of 4 that I have to take before I can graduate.

After the Praxis workshop, my Mom and I went to a painting class. If you live in the Memphis area, I highly recommend that you go to a "Go Girl Art" class! You can read more about the classes and location HERE. My mom has been wanting to paint one of these pictures since Christmas, so I gave her this class as part of her Mother's Day gift. I was a little worried about the whole painting thing because I have tried to paint on canvas before and it just did not turn out how I expected. This class was so awesome because it was step by step instruction by a local Memphis artist, she was so encouraging and helpful, it really was one of the most relaxing things I have done in a long time! Here are a few pictures:
All of the girls working on their paintings

Mom creating her masterpiece

Momma's completed painting

My completed painting - I cannot wait to find the PERFECT spot in my house to put this on display!

On Sunday we had some MUCH needed family time. I am consumed with homework/projects/Praxis exams/observations that it was just time to back away from it all and spend the afternoon finding out how to train dragons!!

This was such a CUTE movie - I would recommend this for families with and without kiddos! I really, really enjoyed it, and would actually consider sitting through it a second time!

My weekend ended with a meeting with my MOPS group at church, (girls if you are reading, I love hanging out with y'all!!) I hate that the weekend is over, but I am already counting the hours til the next one!

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  1. Hey Stephanie,

    Cute pictures and sounds like you had a good weekend.

    You should give yourself some extra points in our contest in MOPS for all of the creative things you are doing!

    Your little girl is a doll! I see her with your mom at preschool, and she just makes me laugh!

    You are doing a great job as her mom!