Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

I have gone back and forth in my heart all day long about this post, I was not sure if/how to approach it. This year more than ever I am so disappointed that more places of business are not closed in observance of Good Friday. I just do not understand and cannot comprehend why other men/public figures are celebrated through out the year, yet the One who came to this earth to die for us, is not. My office is open today, and I struggled all week long deciding if I should take off or not. The more I thought I about it, my heart was telling me that I should. We all celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas, why would one not mourn on the day that he was brutally crucified and hung to die on the cross? Today will be day of prayer, reflection, and above all thanking Him for giving up His precious life for ME.
This is one of my all time favorite songs - it is a beautiful and powerful message about WHY Jesus' had to die on that cross for all.


  1. I went through the ATM today & noticed that the bank was wide open - full service. Made me sad!

    But, it also makes me want to pray more - for my city, for our neighbors, for my lost friends and family members!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and your video...


  2. I am working today too and I too had to go to the bank. I was very surprised that they were open. I am so thankful that Jesus died today to save us from our sins. What an AMAZING story!!!

  3. Yes, I was amazed at how many business' chose not to honor our loving Father by shutting down today! Our church had a wonderful worship service today at noon and the church was packed...I was so happy to see so many people take the time to come together and worship our Savior! God is so good:) I love your post today! Happy Easter:)