Friday, May 7, 2010

Project Life - Week 16

School is OUT for the summer and so now its time for me to catch up on my Project Life album!! I have pictures to print and journaling cards to write - I am so proud that I have kept up with my weekly post here, it is gonna help so much when I am going back and doing a MONTHS worth of journal entries. I had to throw together this week of pictures, some of them are not in order but I knew I wanted to have them in my album! Now that school is out for a bit I plan to better at taking my pics on a daily basis and not have to rush to get them posted!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

4.26 - She just ate a "Skinny Cow" Ice Cream Sandwich - I think that face says she LOVED it!

4.27 - Addison riding HARD @ the Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude

4.28 - I had to make a totem pole for my Arts/Social Studies Class - our assignment was to make a totem pole and then create a rubric to show how we would assess this type of project. I have been so swamped with school work that I MIGHT have put this picture in my album already!! Oh well - I will have two shots of my awesome totem pole that Shawn helped me make!

4.29 - On Earth Day we had our last STEA meeting for the school year - my teacher bought some food from a local grocery store and these were the bags she was given for Earth Day. The store had given bags to a school in Germantown and the kids decorated them and then took them back to the store. What a CUTE idea for Earth Day!!

4.30 - Addison RIDING the deer yard decor in a neighbors yard!! She LOVES this thing!!

4.31 - Its a bird, Its a plane......Its SUPER MERMAID!!! She would rather wear her mermaid skirt around her NECK like a cape rather than around her waist!!

5.1 - We had horrible, horrible weather this weekend - we were in the house from Friday night until Monday. Many areas flooded, including Nashville who was hit pretty bad. We all stayed safe and dry in the house - Addison made sure her feet stayed nice and toasty in her house boots!

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