Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

It has been crazy busy around our house this week, but I have LOVED every second of it!! It is so nice not to be covered up in school work and actually have some time for my family and myself. My weekend started on Thursday night when I went to The Peabody Rooftop Party to hear my friends Kevin and Beth Paige. For those of you who do not live in Memphis, The Peabody is a gorgeous hotel downtown with a stunning view of the Mississippi River. Every Thursday night the hotel hosts a party on the roof and has different local bands for the entertainment. Here is a little video that I took of KP and B in action - I love this song!!

On Friday we went bowling with our Sunday School class, I have not bowled in YEARS and my body is feeling it today. How sad is that!! We had an absolute blast thought and my top score was like a 58! HAHAHAHAHA - I need to brush up on the ol bowling skills. I actually forget how much fun it is to bowl. We are going to take the girls one Friday night when Jena is with us, I know that the girls will enjoy it!

On Saturday, it was haircut time for me, TWO soccer games for Jena, choir practice for Addison, trip to Sephora to pick up make up and a trip to Whole Foods to get a few gluten free items. So as you can tell we have been burning up the roads going here, there, and everywhere but it is so nice to actually have the time to do all these things again!!

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