Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project Life - Week 19

Thanks to the great show us your life post over at Kelly's Korner I have some new followers!! Welcome to all my new readers and let me tell you a little bit about my Project Life posts. I have always loved to scrapbook, and right after Addison was born I started a fabulous scrapbook for her. Well, as many of you know life seems to get in the way of scrap booking, at least the way that I like to scrapbook and I started getting more and more behind. At the end of last year I started reading about several other bloggers who were finishing up their 2009 Project Life album so I wanted to check and see what this Project Life was all about. After visiting Becky Higgins's site I knew that this was the scrap booking system for me! The way that I am doing my 2010 album is taking a picture a day every single day of 2010 to document "our" 2010 in pictures. The kit also comes with small journal cards for you to do a short journal entry each day. I am about a month behind on my cards but plan on catching up this weekend - I HOPE!!
If you are a "scrapbooker" or even if you are not - I would encourage you to check out The Project Life Kit by clicking HERE. You can jump on over to The Mom Creative Blog to see other Project Life posts for this week.

I chose to do my week in pics a little different this week so I have several from Addison's Pre-School graduation, but this was such a special time that I wanted more than just one picture in our album. Enjoy!!

5.19 - The 2009-2010 Bouncing Buckaroo's!!

5.20 - Addison with her two teachers, Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Carrie we loved these two very very much!!

5.21 - Addison got these little princess sponges/stick on things at Wal-Mart today, and she had an absolute blast playing with them in the tub. She actually stayed in the tub over an hour tonight! I would go in there and just run more warm water for her and she continued playing until she was nice and prunish!! If you have a Lil princess of your own I highly suggest these toys!!

5.22 - No picture - my thyroid medication was giving me fits today and I ended up in the minor med with some heart palpitations and high blood pressure - luckily they were able to give me something to slow my heart rate and I went to my reg doctor on Monday to get my medication adjusted.

5.23 - This week Addison has been a "kangaroo", she has even gone to bed several times this week with her "joey" in her pouch!!

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