Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Three Thursday....Celebrity Male Crushes

It's Top 3 Thursday over at Keeping up with Kelly!!

This week's topic is top 3 celebrity crushes

1. Rick Springfield aka Dr. Noah Drake
If you have known me for ANY time you know that he would make the TOP of the list!!

2. Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen

3. Stephen Moyer aka Bill Compton

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  1. Must be something you have about the "hair"!

    Hope you are having a great day,


  2. 1.2 very hott

    When I saw Rick Springfield on GH I didnt really know who he was at 1st and then I found out I was like he is hot haha. Patrick, the boy who is his "son" on the show is cute too

    Great picks
    THanks for playing.....have a great weekend

  3. awwww Edward! *sigh* nice list! im your newest follower!

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine too here