Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project Life - Week 17

YAY!!!! My first Project Life Tuesday post that is ON TIME!!!!!! I had so much fun getting my pictures together tonight, it was not the rushing and trying to just throw pics in order at the last min. This weeks pictures are all from Addison's end of the year field trip - so many cute pictures of her and some of her friends that I wanted to include them all!
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5.3 - Addison at Buckhead Creek - this is the recreational center that is owned by our church. They have an incredible property that is such fun for kids. Her pre-school had a field trip and took the kids to Buckhead for the day and let them ride the "train" and have a picnic lunch.

5.4 - Addison and her friend Lindsey. Addison is the smallest one in her class and the other girls are always trying to take care of her. I watched a little girl pick Addison up and carry her to the slide, I had to tell the little girl that Addison was the same age she was!! HA!
5.5 - Addison and Madison - these two have really hit it off this year! They were looking forward to riding the Buckhead train!!

5.6 - Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Carrie's Bouncing Buckaroo's 2009-2010
Faith Baptist Church Pre-School

5.7 - Silly Bandz are ALL the rage right now - Addison felt that she needed every single one she owned on her arm!!

5.8 - I am missing a Saturday picture!!

5.9 - Happy Mother's Day!! Addison rocking her "baby" rooster!!

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  1. Hey Stephanie!

    As always I so enjoy stopping by to see your precious Addison.

    One of my grands is really tiny, like real tiny for her age. She's 3 and still in a 2t!!

    Precious! Looks like you had a great week~