Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project Life - Week 9

It's Tuesday again!! Time for those weekly Project Life posts! I am on Spring Break this week and plan on getting all my journaling cards and all caught up. I am only a few days behind, so it should not take me too long. With these great Tuesday posts keeping me on my toes - its easy for me to go back and view my blog and just jot down on my journaling card and pop it right into my album. I cannot say ENOUGH about this scrapbooking system!! I work, and go to school, and I still have time to complete this project each week. THANK YOU BECKY HIGGINS for creating this, now on to my pics!! (Remember, to see other Project Life posts from the week just click the icon at the top to hop on over to Jessica Turner's blog!!)

3.1 - Tonight I sat and watched in total sadness as Jake picked HER over Tenley!! Boo, Jake!!

3.2 - Happy Birthday Sweet Avery Grace - I know that you enjoyed your birthday with the angels!!

3.3 - This crazy weather change has Addison sick AGAIN - we are so ready for some steady temps around here!! She missed school on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
3.4 - However - this picture does NOT look like a sick little girl at all! You know how it is with kids, they seem to be fine during the day and then it goes down hill at night!

3.5 - My last Saturday class was this week - here is all my books and all that I had out while I was preparing for my presentation on Saturday morning. Don't look at the TV remote control - I promise the TV was OFF ;)
3.6 - Addison got this puppy bingo game for Christmas and we had a fun time playing together on Saturday night. I have always, always loved board games!!

3.7 - I did not have a picture that I took on Sunday but with Addison's 5th Birthday coming up this month I wanted to put this picture in my Project Life album. I say this every year - I cannot believe that she will be 5 in a few weeks. I remember the doctors telling us that we would be cautiously optimistic with her, and that it would be touch and go for a very long time. I do not lay my head on the pillow at night without praising my Heavenly Father for Addison - her 5 years of life, and the passing of her twin sister has taught me so much. I would not be the woman that I am today had it not been for that storm in my life.

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  1. Happy 5th birthday to Addison & Avery Grace!

    As you well said she is having a blast with the angels!!! :)

    I hate when babies get sick, mine has got a nasty cold and she is not feeling good as well. Hope yours is better now.

    Have a great week!!!