Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Easter

I wish....I could re-live that one Easter memory from my childhood, and it would be the Easter that _________________.

I love this topic! I cannot just pin point just ONE Easter that I would like to re-live from my childhood. I am fortunate enough to have several cousins on my Moms side of the family and when we were kids it was a big deal for all of us to go to my MeMaws and hunt Easter eggs. I can vividly remember my brother and I riding to Somerville, TN on Easter Sunday after church, and we were not allowed to take our Easter clothes off because MeMaw and Charlie had to see us in our Easter best! My Mom always packed Kirk and I a change of clothes so that once everyone saw us we were allowed to put on "play" clothes. Once the play clothes were on, it was time to hunt some eggs! We always had a few golden eggs or prize eggs, and those eggs ALWAYS had money inside! Once my Grandparents passed away, and all of us kids/cousins grew older it was more and more difficult to get everyone together at the same time. I miss those times so much! I wish I had an old picture of those famous egg hunts to post, I just might have to "hunt" one down to add to my blog at a later date!

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Happy Easter Everyone!!

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  1. I can TOTALLY relate to "not taking off your Easter outfit" until pictures were taken and family members saw! hahahah - PRICELESS memories!!!