Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project Life - Week 10

YAY!! I am so happy that I was able to join in the fun for this Project Life Tuesday - my life has been just crazy busy this past week and I was really thinking that I was going to have to skip this weeks post. I was able to get my pics together though, and even have 45 mins to spare before the clock strikes midnight!! Matter of fact I am going to use that 45 mins to catch up on my journaling cards - I do not want to get too far behind!! Please pray for me as I start going to school three nights this week. I will be in class Monday, Weds, and Thursday nights, but only for SEVEN weeks!! I can DO this - graduation is so close I can taste it!! Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoy the pics!!

3.8 - This was an EXCELLENT picture to start off this week in the Banks' household. This week has been so busy, my observations have started and I took one portion of my Praxis exam on Saturday morning. I have to tell you all that I spent a lot of quiet time with Jesus this week - I have been totally overwhelmed and doubted myself many, many times but with Him I have been able to press on through this storm!!
3.9 - Our family sponsors a little girl with Compassion International - it warms my soul to get letters and drawings from her. It made my hectic week so much better to get this drawing from Ivonne today. I am so glad that our family is able to help this child in El Salvador.
3.10 - I realized that I didn't have a picture for Weds this week so I chose one of my favorites that I have not had printed yet. I love this picture of Addison in her fairy wings!
3.11 - Addison celebrated her birthday today at school!! She was able to wear this fabulous birthday crown all day and was oh so excited that she was able to pick a prize out of the treasure chest!! (Her birthday isn't until the 20th but she will be on Spring Break from school that week.)
3.12 - She is 5 going on 35!! Didn't she do just a wonderful job with her blush today!!??!!
3.13 - I love this picture - I was able to be sneaky and catch her making herself beautiful in her bathroom. I am almost POSITIVE some singing of a Hannah Montana song was apart of this process!!
3.14 - Check this out - Aunt Maxi gave Addison an early birthday gift today, it was Barbie and her pups that she has been potty training!! Look closely, I can assure you that is not MUD on the newspaper where the pups are learning to go potty!! HA!!


  1. Cute pics. I love the one of her with the wings and in the bathroom. Cherish these forever.

  2. Stephanie,

    What a cute site! I love the pictures and the stories about your kids.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!