Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remember Me...

I have been MIA this week as I have been preparing for my the reading portion of my Praxis II exam. I took the test at 1045 this morning and will not know my results for a month. I know that I did my best, and I hope I can pull that passing score!! Not only have I been preparing for my test this week, I have also been observing in the schools in the mornings before I go into the office in the afternoons. In other words, I have been EXHAUSTED this week, however I have enjoyed my time in the schools so much I cannot wait to become a teacher!! Since this week IS my spring break, I decided today I needed some "me" time. Marlana (one of my BFFs) and I went to see "Remember Me", yes we were partial to the movie because Robert Pattinson was the lead role but WOW it was such a powerful movie. I do not want to say much about it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I understand there are some spoilers out there and I am so glad I did not read them before I saw the movie. All I will say is that it was a good story, wonderful message, and REALLY REALLY made me think about my life and family. Did any of yall see this movie this weekend? What did yall think?

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