Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Fridays - Comedy TV

Favorite Fridays

Okay so I am going to be the odd ball on this one for sure!! I do not like comedy sitcoms - I am not a Seinfield or Friends Fan (you can all pick up your chins off the floor!! hahaha) But since it IS Favorite Fridays and I am going to play along I would have to say that my favorite comedy tv would have to be - THREE'S COMPANY!! I still enjoy watching the re-runs on TV Land when they are on.

This show brings back SO many memories of when I was a kid and would stay up on Friday nights to watch this and Alice! "Mel, Kiss My Grits!!"

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I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!


  1. Haha! I LOVED Three's Company and Alice too!! Man, do I miss shows like that...I just saw "Flo" on a recent show and I couldn't believe how good she looked! I can hear the theme songs now! Have a great weekend!

  2. omg me, too!!!! Those were my favorite shows!!!

  3. This use to be one of my favorite shows. What a blast from the past!!