Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project Life - Week 11

It's Project Life Tuesday!!! I have to post a disclaimer for this week and the next 6 weeks - I told you all in my last post I am taking three classes this term so I just do NOT have a lot of ME time. I have told myself that I am NOT going to get behind on my album, even if I have to look back through old pictures and use some of my favorites that I have not printed yet for my 2010 album. I have really enjoyed taking these pictures and doing the journaling cards as well, however I AM behind on my journaling but I will catch up on those this week. (I HOPE!!) I am so thankful that my Momma takes pictures of Addison during the week, many of the pics in this weeks post are hers. I am thinking that I might need to invest in a small point a shoot camera that I can just throw in my purse, that way I could snap some pics of my girlfriends at school! I want to capture and have memories of these wonderful gals in my classes, without them I would NOT make it through!! Can't wait to visit everyone's blogs and check out this weeks pics!

3.22 - Picture of the birthday girl with a birthday balloon! As you know from last weeks post we had her birthday party at Build a Bear and then went up to the food court for pizza and cupcakes. It is mall policy that you cannot have balloons or light candles in the mall - so she had to play with her balloons once we got home.

3.23 - Addison went to see an allergist today. Poor baby had to have about 24 small pricks on her back so that we could see if it was allergies that is keeping her so sick with coughing and congestion. We found out that she is allergic to several trees, mold, and FEATHERS! The doctor doesn't want to treat the allergies just yet, she had a really bad sinus infection that he wants to clear up before we even attempt to tackle the allergies. Hopefully it is the sinuses that is giving her the issues and we wont have to deal with the allergies right now.
3.24 - A project that I did tonight in class - we were learning different things that we could do for science lessons, how CUTE is this skeleton made outta q-tips??? I cannot WAIT to do this in my classroom one day!
3.25 - Taking a bath in NeNe's HUGE jacuzzi tub!

3.26 - I did not have a picture for Friday so I have been going thru my pictures and picking out ones that I want to put in my album and journal about. Here is Addison last year when she was in the hospital with pneumonia - we are STILL dealing with the sinus/congestion from that hence why we were at the allergist earlier this week!

3.27 - I cut all my hair off!! I had at least 5 almost 6 inches cut off my hair today - I had started waking up every morning and putting my hair in a ponytail, it was TIME to go back to some style! I am really happy with the cut, I am going to go this weekend and lighten it up some for the summer! :)
3.28 - Addison is smelling some flowers that her grandparents put on the altar at church in honor of her and in memory of Avery for their 5th birthdays


  1. Great pictures! Poor baby all those shots!!!

    Hope she gets to feeling better!!

  2. What sweet picture of her smelling the flowers!

  3. Great pictures this week. I love the skeleton idea! I am just about done with my K-8 teacher license so I may just have to "borrow" that idea!