Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project Life - week 8!!!!!

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2.23 - My momma actually took this picture and I loved it! The weather has been CRAZY for us this winter season!! Addison has been all snuggy warm in coat, mittens, and hat one day, and then short sleeves the next!

2.24 - I had a science fair project due in class tonight. We were supposed to do a project on the grade level that we hope to teach one day. Here is my second grade project on which ice cream melts the fastest!

2.25 - My parents gave me this lion and the lamb for Christmas, I love everything about it! It brings such a sense of peace to me each time I walk by it in my living room.

2.26 - My mother in law gave Addison this camera two years ago as a Christmas gift. She has really been using it alot lately - she has so many pictures she could start her own project life book!!
2.27 - I did NOT tell Addison to do this!! She came walking in my bedroom tonight and this is what she looked like!! Her little spunky personality and sense of humor is coming out more and more each day.
2.28 - We enjoyed working this puzzle together today. I have always liked puzzles of any kind, I hope that Addison continues to like them as she gets older.

I cannot believe that February is OVER - I have so enjoyed printing my pictures and flipping through my project life album already!! Cannot wait to see all the pics this week!!


  1. The photo your Mom took is really good. Has a nice feel to it!

  2. great pictures this week. the one of your daughter is so funny, my girls did that with their balloons when they were younger. Which ice cream melted fastest by the way. have a good week.

  3. oh my goodness--the one of your daughter is hysterical! too cute :)
    sadly, i still did not get your email. i don't know what's going on, but that's ok. i'll just google it and get directions that way. thanks for help though!

  4. The picture of your daugther is hilarious!!!

    I love all your pictures!!

  5. Hey Stephanie,

    I always enjoy your pictures! Your daughter is so funny.

    Did a great job on that project!!!

  6. Adorable photos with her and her boobies~!!