Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Random Things about ME

1. I have 7 tattoos, I love, adore, and cherish each one of them! I got each one at a different point in my life and they all hold strong sentimental value. Many people ask if I think I will ever regret them, my answer is ABSOLUTELY not!

2. I am 100% obsessed with mascara! I would pick up a tube each time I went to Target and/or Sephora, seriously I would! I see all these advertisements for different brands and what the mascara can do for my me (make my lashes thicker, longer, eyes brighter, etc...). Needless to say, my makeup bag holds SEVERAL tubes that did not meet my expectations so I just keep buying MORE!! It is a slight sickness! HA!

Jump on over to Taylor's blog to link up and play along!!

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday!


  1. I didn't know you had seven tattoos. I am too scared of needles. And I love mascara. It's my one make-up must have.

  2. I love your answers! Thanks for sharing!

    Your blog is too cute! Happy Tuesday!

  3. i have the same problem with shampoo and conditioner! whats your favorite type of mascara?

  4. I am the same way with my tattoos (I only have 3 so far) but I will never regret any of them!

  5. I also love mascara... that and foundation are my must-haves!