Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life - Week 4!!

YAY!!!! - It's Tuesday!! I get so excited about sharing my pictures from my Project Life album for the week. Enjoy!!

1.26 - My Project Life kit came today - I was soo excited to get it all set up and ready to fill with memories!!

1.27 - I was chosen to be The Treasurer of the S.T.E.A. (student teacher education association) at Crichton College - we held our first members meeting tonight.

1.28 - Our Tivo box died earlier this week -you can read that post here. The new box came in this bubble wrap aka - the new bed for all the stuffed animals!

1.29 - we woke up to snow falling today! Kids out of school - we all hung out and stayed warm!

1.30 - The girls went outside for about 10 mins - this was NOT fun snow, it was mostly ice as you can see on the street behind the girls.

1.30 - Addison was 100% stir crazy and was ready to get out of the house - she was thrilled to go to my moms and play in this pillowcase!! Silly girl!!

1.31 - The ice is slowly melting - streets are clear but there are still several frozen trees, windchimes, and parking lots!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!