Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Beauty Tips and Favorite Products

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

It's show us your life Friday over at Kelly's Korner! This week's topic is Beauty Tips and Favorite Products. I can honestly say that I don't have many beauty tips, however I have MANY favorite products. Let's start with hair shall we??

I use HG color savor shampoo, my amazing hair dresser introduced me to this line of products a few months ago and I love it! I also use the HG Fast Food leave in conditioner from time to time. I had my thyroid removed in Aug of 2008 and a lasting side effect from that is EXTREMELY dry hair. This shampoo has helped quite a bit. I would also recommend to other products for dry hair. One would be Moroccan oil the picture below is the only brand I have ever used but it leave your hair so shiny and silky but not a bit oily. A tiny tiny bit of this goes a VERY long way!

Let's move on to eyes. My favorite eyeliner is Urban Decay, its waterproof and I can assure you that it is NOT coming off even if you cry!! You can scrub and scrub at night and have a hard time getting if off with eye makeup remover. I like to try funky colors every once and while here are a few of my favorite shades.

Last but not least is perfumes! I have been wearing Juicy Couture "Viva La Juicy".

I am constantly getting complements or asking what fragrance I am wearing. Tonight a friend and I went to Sephora to "test smell" Kim Kardashian's new scent. I did not like it, but just because it has a strong floral smell to it and I am not a floral kinda gal. Those scents tend to give me a headache after a while of wearing them. Jessica on the other hand really liked the smell and she bought a small bottle; I asked her to bring it to the office tomorrow because I REALLY don't want to give up on my girl Kim just yet!

I can wait to read every one's post - maybe I can add some more favorites to my list!

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  1. I have been wondering about Kim Kardashian's new scent... when I placed a Sephora order yesterday I picked out a sample of it. Wonder if I will like it- I kind of like florals.