Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Life Tuesday - Week 6!

It's TUESDAY again - I know I say the same thing every week but a huge THANK YOU to Becky Higgins for making Project Life so SIMPLE!!!!! :) I have enjoyed looking thru my kit already and I only have a month and a half worth of pics so far!! Also, Thank You to Jessica Turner for creating Project Life Tuesdays!! Click on the icon above to hop on over to her blog and enjoy other Project Life Tuesday posts!

2.9 - this is what it looks like around our house this week, Addison and I both have been to the doctor! We are literally SICK of winter weather!

2.10 Has anyone seen these?? They are called Silly Bandz, I picked some up at Knowledge Tree for Addison this week. She has really enjoyed playing with them. (Animals, of course!)

2.11 Today was Addison's Valentine's Day Party at school - look at the lovely valentine's card she made for her dad and I. So so sweet!

2.12 - Addison and I with our "Absolutely Alice" nail polish. OPI has created several colors for the release of the Alice in Wonderland on March 5th.
2.13 - The Winter Olympics started tonight - Shawn and I have enjoyed watching them! GO APOLO ANTON OHNO!!!! :)

2.14 - Happy Valentine's Day!! Look at one of the cards I got from Shawn! I LOVED it, nothing like a Twilight Valentine's card!! My hubby is such a doll he knows exactly what silly things make me smile!
2.15 - YES we got MORE snow today!! It started around noon and snowed for a couple of hours. Come on springtime - we are ready for some warm sun!!


  1. Great photos this week. I love the snow on the tree, and the blue nail polish!

  2. Great pictures. I am loving the Olympics also!

  3. right there with you! I too am SICK of winter weather. Great photos this week.

  4. super excited about the OPI colors thanks for the tip lol! Ill have to go get some!

  5. Love the pictures! I would have loved to have gotten that card! I think it was you that asked about the font on my pictures...(I have yet to put up my pics from week6)..it's a creative memories font, I think. It was a free download. I think I liked to it from Becky Higgins site. There is CKBecky and CKAli's hand. Love them both.