Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Life Tuesday! - Week 3

It's that time again - I am starting to LOVE Tuesdays!! I have had so much fun this month taking my picture of the day for my Project Life 365 album! I actually was able to order my kit from Amazon on Friday and should have it in my hands tomorrow! YAY!!!!! I cannot wait to actually have pictures in an album again!!

1.19 - Addison was in my bedroom playing in the curtains - she popped her head out and looked like this!! HA - I think she was training to be a private investigator!

1.20 - Addison's first LOVE - she adores any and all stuffed animals!

1.21 - She has really enjoyed writing this week, she normally does her "homework" while I am doing some of my studies for the week.

1.22 - This bear has a VERY special story. My mom and Addison went to the Dollar Tree today to pick up a few things. There happened to be a lady shopping in the store who had a skin condition called vitiligo, Addison followed the lady around the store and was taking to her and just being her normal friendly self. When it came time for my mom and Addison to check out, Addison was asking for this teddy bear. My mom told her they couldn't get it because she didn't need another stuffed animal, (remember the Weds. picture for this week!) The lady with the skin condition asked my mom if she could buy the bear for Addison. The lady went on to say how kind and sweet Addison had been to her, and that she didn't get that kind of treatment out in public often. I have to tell you, as a mommy this made me REALLY proud of my lil girl!

1.23 - Addison went to Sophie's 5th Birthday Party today. It was a tea party and all the girls wore their best tea party attire!! The girl in the picture is Savannah which is Sophie's big sister, Addison fell in LOVE with her at the party!

1.24 - Addison has had a BALL playing in her tea party stuff, she really had a great time at the tea party with all of the girls!

1.25 - I cannot believe I am getting all this stuff together!! I will be registering my baby for KINDERGARTEN on Weds. of this week! Where have the years gone??!!??

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!


  1. Oh, what a sweet story about Addison! Doesn't that make you feel good to know that your daughter treats people so well. I am so proud of her. You're doing a great job, Mommy!

  2. Steph,

    Loved your pictures! What a touching story about the teddy bear. Your daughter is adorable...inside out!