Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...3 mins.

Wishful Wednesday

Okay, I am SO joining in on the fun for this weeks "Wishful Wednesday". Click on over to The Seattle Smith's to see other great Wishful Wednesday posts!!

I wish.... that I could spend 3 mins. in Alice Cullen's shoes!!

She's cute, spunky, has fabulous fashion sense AND she's a vampire!!!
I am a huge Twilight fan, and I do adore Edward Cullen BUT of all the characters in the book Alice is my absolute favorite. I feel confident that if Alice Cullen was a real person, she and I would be BFF's!!


  1. I agree that Alice is wonderful! I think she is actually my favorite character in the movies.

    I just noticed that you are reading Karen Kingsbury... I am about to read her for the first time based on some recommendations by some friends. What series or book would you suggest starting with?

    So glad I found you through the WW blog hop!

  2. I love Alice! It could be fun to be a Cullen for a little bit...without needing to hunt.

  3. If I had read your "wishful Wednesday" before I wrote mine I probably would have stole your great idea! :) I am def. a fan! New follower, I found you through Kelsey!