Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project Life July 26th - Aug 1

I am a few days late on my Project Life post but we have been up in the mountains on vacation!!

July 26th - Addison wearing my glasses! Doesn't she look so studious?? So hard to believe that MY baby girl will be starting Kindergarten on Friday!!!

July 27th - The famous Twinkle Toes!! I already did a post about these gems, but I wanted to include a picture in my Project Life Album.

July 28th - Okay so my dates are not "exact" on these next few pictures, but we just got back from a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and I have SEVERAL pictures I want in my album!! Here is a shot of the girls in the penguin play place tunnel at the Ripley's Aquarium.

July 29th - Another shot of Addison "hanging" at the Aquarium

July 30th - Shawn, Jena and myself went to The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. I have always been a Titanic buff and absolutely fell in love with the Leonardo/Kate version of the movie. This museum was so interesting and equally heartbreaking. There was an area where we were allowed to stick our hands in 28 degree water so that we could feel how cold the ocean water was for these passengers as they literally froze to death. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed inside the museum but isn't the outside amazing!!

July 31 - A shot of the Smokey Mountains that I took from an observation deck in the Smokey Mountain National Park.

Aug 1 - My "vacay" purchase!! Shawn took me to a Coach outlet and bought me this new purse for our anniversary! I will say that it took me about an hour to decide that THIS was the bag that would coming home with me! Thanks Honey!!

I have more Gatlinburg pictures to add to next weeks Project Life post...I already have them picked out and ready to upload!!

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