Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Life Aug 2nd-Aug 8th

It's Project Life Tuesday and I am a WEEK late!! No worries though, I am determined to get caught up and have a COMPLETE 2010 album before January 1, 2011 rolls around! I am currently about 3 months behind on my journaling cards, but I have kept up fairly well with my blog so the journaling cards will be a breeze! I think I may have my New Years Eve already planned out - me, a pen, and my journaling cards!!I hope everyone enjoys my pics for the week - they are some more of my favorite shots from our vacation.

August 2 - I love this shot!! It was so hot that my lens was trying to fog up, but it made a cool effect on the photo!!

August 3rd - One day on our vacation we drove the scenic route along the Smokey Mountains. There were areas of the route that we rolled our windows down and just listed to this water rushing along the rocks.
August 4th - There were butterflies everywhere while we were on vacation, just ask my mom and she can tell you all about them!! :) HAHA!! She talked about a butterfly that "followed" her for hours one day it became a joke between her and my dad.

August 5th - I think that I mentioned last week how much we enjoyed the cabin. The owners had left all sorts of kid friendly games as well as a pool table downstairs.

August 6th - First Day of Kindergarten!!

August 7th - I took this picture of Addison at the Bass Pro Shop in Sevierville, TN. Ha! I loved this shot because Addison has the "deer in the headlights" look!!

August 8th - Addison had her friend little friend Abby.

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  1. Ah! Becks had his pic taken at that Bass Pro Shop too - it's like going on a free field trip! Ha ha :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my post - and congrats to you! Soooo close! This time next year, you'll be posting about your new class :)