Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "Nook" has left the building!!

My wonderful hubby bought me a "Nook" for Christmas - I L O V E to read and since I am a "techy" kinda gal I had to have one of these!! I was kinda bummed because these gems sold out QUICK, so I wasn't able to actually have my Nook on Christmas. I was one happy girl when the email came today saying that the package was on the way, and I should have it in 3 days! That gives me 3 days to finish my Sookie Stackhouse novel, before I start reading ALL my books electronically. Can you tell I am EXCITED!!
Speaking of books and reading - I have told many of you about the Bloom Book Club that I started doing a few months back. It is an online book club that was started by Angie Smith and Jessica Turner, I have had such fun reading and posting about the books with other readers. The next book that we are reading was announced last week, and well I have already finished the book! It is titled, "Same Kind of Different as Me", I do not want to write much about this book because I know that several of you are currently reading it either on your own or as part of the Bloom Book Club. All I will say is that this book has impacted my life, and it is a story that I will NEVER NEVER EVER forget!! I wish I would have bought some of these books as gifts, and matter of fact I just might do that!! If you have a birthday coming up, you just might get this book from me! If you are someone who likes to read or if you are someone who doesn't I would encourage you to read this book! The book is the TRUE story of two men who become friends in a very unique way, I could write more but do not want to spoil it for anyone!! Once we in the club start posting and discussing I plan to post more on this fabulous book as well.
Hope you are having a great week!!

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