Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9

How ridiculous is it that I am almost THREE days behind on my 30 day blog challenge!! When ya get up at 6am and do not get home til 10pm, some days its just impossible to blog! However, I said I was going to do this challenge and well, I am NOT a quitter! :)

- Day 9 - My Friends -

I am blessed with so many close friends - I am going to try to give a quick "shout out" to all of them real quick.

Malorie - Where do I start? Your friendship is such a God send! You know how to make me laugh when I need it and have been such a support this past year as we complete our college degrees!! Classes would NOT have been the same without you and I look forward to growing together as we start our teaching careers!! I love you so!!

Marlana and Tina - My life has become so busy that we do not get to see each other that much, but thank goodness for texting!! I love you both and you will ALWAYS be two of my best friends!! P.S. - Tina, do NOT answer any phone calls about flip flops!!

CloseTRAK girls and Mel (you will always be a CloseTRAK girl) - You girls ROCK, I love that we are not only co-workers but we have become such close friends that we can talk to, laugh with and occasionally cry with. I love having such a support system with you girls and the encouragement you have all given me as I was finishing up school. I thank you all for your kind words but most of all, I thank you for making me smile each day!

Karen - Thank you for your listening ear!! I love that if I ever have a question that I can call you for your advice. You were my angel when Addison was in the NICU - such an awesome support, I love that God has allowed us to be such close, close friends over all these years!

Angela - Thank YOU for allowing me to be a part of your journey with baby Grace. I hate that you had to go through the stress and the trauma of such a rocky pregnancy but I love that God put you back in my life after almost 20 years. I look forward to watching Grace grow and see the amazing things that God is going to do in her life. I love you so!

My RICK girls - Can you believe that it has been TEN years since we have started this amazing ride?? What memories we have shared!! The sleepless nights, the concerts, the road trips, the pictures, and THE Rockgod!! :) You girls have been such a BRIGHT spot in my life - stories that I will tell for years and years. I love that I have a group of girls who share my crazy adoration for Rick Springfield.

MOPS girls - I am so blessed to have a group like you at church. I love the friendships that have started to bloom and look forward to getting to know all of you and your families as we all conquer this journey of Motherhood!

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  1. awww..yay! been missing you...i know your schedule is crazy...maybe we can do another gogirl party soon!