Sunday, November 22, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Pets

I have always read many of the great "show us your life" posts from over at Kelly's Korner, so this weekend I have decided to join in. This weeks post is about pets, and at our house we have a wild and crazy cat named Nala. A few years ago, I thought that Addison was ready for her first pet. At the time she was really into "The Wonder Pets" and a guy at our office was giving away some guinea pigs, being the sucker that I am I got one for her. Needless to say that the guinea pig didn't live 12 hours in our household. Addison was still too young and she did not understand that the guinea pig could not just roam the house, it HAD to stay in a cage. The night that Lenny, the guinea pig, left our house Shawn, Addison, and myself were all in tears. I felt so bad that I had brought home a pet to Addison and I was already taking it away. The next day Shawn took Addison to Petsmart and she picked out Nala.

We love Nala, she is a very sweet kitty for the most part. She still has alot of kitten in her, and for the past TWO years we have to fight with her to keep her out of our Christmas Tree!! Tonight Shawn told Addison that Nala thinks she is a black panther in the jungle hiding under that tree, just waiting for her next ambush!!

Now does this look like a black panther to you??!!??

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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