Saturday, November 28, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Christmas Traditions

This week is Christmas Traditions week over at Kelly's Korner! I was excited to see this post because our family has started a new tradition this year, and it has worked beautifully so far! How many of you have heard of "The Elf On The Shelf"?

I bought one for Addison this year at the Merry Marketplace. I had read about this book/doll last year but didn't think that Addison was quite old enough to really have fun with it. Basically, you get a book with a darling story about an elf that comes to stay at your house each year around the holidays, and the elf goes to the North Pole each night to report to Santa. Every morning with the child wakes up the game is that the elf has found another spot in the house to "watch" from, it might be a shelf, a table, or even finding a place in the Christmas Tree! Addison has had the best time looking for our elf each morning, she was kind of scared of him at first. She was not really "diggin" that this little guy was walking around our house at night when she was asleep! She has named him Tiny the elf, and she talks to him every day and tells him things to go back to tell Santa each night. I will be honest and tell all you parents with little ones, it sure has been nice to say, "Addison, Tiny can hear you or he's watching you!" Here are a few pictures of our elf, he is currently hanging out on our tree for awhile. You can find out more about The Elf on the Shelf here!

I HEART my tree!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, and look forward to reading about other family Christmas traditions!


  1. hello! i found your link from kelly's korner. i heart your tree too! and i like the elf on the shelf. i don't have any kids yet, but when that time comes i'll definitely remember the little guy. happy holidays!

  2. I hit the "reject" post on this comment from harmonysong - sorry about that! Gotta love the touch screen phones!! :)

    harmonysong said...
    What a fun thing to do!! :) I have heard about this before, and I always thought it was a great idea! It's great to wake up to something exciting!

  3. I always see The Elf in the Shelf for sale at bookstores, and think it looks like something fun to do. And I also found your post through Kelly's Korner