Friday, May 20, 2011

It's the Small Things...

I do not know if I can express in words the joy I have had in being a Mom these past two weeks. When Addison was two years old, I went back to work and was blessed to have my Mom keep Addison for me. Since I graduated in May and school does not start back until August, I have some free time this summer. I have told myself that if a part time job were to open up then I would go back to work but, if one did not then I would enjoy my summer with my family.

Just this week she and I have spent afternoons at the park, went on walks, and even went with a group of her school friends to the play area at McDonald's for a couple of hours. I was a bad blogger and did not snap ONE picture on any of these outings!! I have cherished these days with her and just realized how much I have really missed doing "Momma" things. She will only be 6 once and I have decided that it is worth being on a strict budget to have this time with her.

Speaking of a strict budget, I have started clipping coupons and will be attending a class about extreme couponing on the 31st. I am excited to see and learn from someone who uses coupons to save tons of money for their family.

And speaking of saving look at these fabulous teacher finds from Dollar Tree!! You cannot BEAT the teacher section - I cannot wait to get these laminated and ready for use in my future classroom!!
Please continue to pray that I will be placed at the school God sees fit for me and my future students in August.

Here is a shot of doodlebug on her bike before our ride/walk yesterday afternoon

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  1. I love the Dollar Tree! They really do have some amazing things for the classroom!

    I've been praying for you and know that God has the perfect place just for you!