Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Worm

Addison may look just like Shawn but she has inherited my adoration for books!! She asks almost every day to go to the Bartlett library and could sit and look at books for hours! I love that she has such an interest in reading and hope she always will.

She checked out TEN books today, two of them being Junie B. Jones. I had read Junie B to my 1st graders at Kate Bond and thought that Addison would love them. I could not have been more correct!! She loved them and actually could read them herself!! She does not quite understand the concept of a "chapter book" yet; she wanted to just open them and start at Chapter 4!!

My little book worm with all her books from the library!!

***A student teaching update, my new placement is in a 3rd grade class at a Shelby County School. I am absolutely adoring it!! The kids and teachers are fabulous and I have already learned so much! I am welcoming my FIRST spring break with open arms, and cannot wait to hang out with Shawn and the girls this week!!

I am THANKING the Lord that "spring forward" happened this week!! I will have a little over a week to get used to losing this hour of S L E E P!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

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