Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tale As Old As Time..

Thursday night, Addison and I went to see Beauty and The Beast at the Orpheum Theater. My Mom had originally bought the tickets for herself and Addison to have a special outing. My Mom's brother became suddenly ill and she was needed at the hospital so I ended up going to the performance with Addison. My dad was kind enough to drive us downtown and drop us right at the entrance to the theater, and Shawn came and picked us up when it was over! I cannot complain about that kind of shuttle service!! The play was magical and just so much fun!! Ahhh, to be the little girl who believed in fairy tales and make believe again. If you ever get the chance to see the stage production of this show, I promise you will not be disappointed!
I did manage to snap a few pictures - please ignore the quality because they are all from my cell phone!
Belle AKA Addison standing in front of the Orpheum.

As we were waiting for Shawn to pick us up, Addison spotted "Gaston" and before I knew it she was over there giving him a hug!! She has the "celeb" eye, just like her Momma!! She even asked "Gaston" if he minded if her Mom took a quick pick of them together! I promise to you that every bit of this was HER idea, I did not ask her or tell her what to say!! After she had her dose of the cast she was on a HUNT to find more cast members. She begged and begged to stand at the stage door but Shawn was there to pick us up and it was almost 11:00pm!

Belle after her night at the theater!!
We love you and missed you at the show!
P.S. - Addison is already asking to see Mamma Mia - I LOVE that my girl LOVES musicals!!!!

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  1. What a fun outing! Beauty and the Beast is an amazing live show and I'm glad "Belle" got to see it! Loved the picture of her and Gaston...too cute and funny!