Saturday, February 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have recently been watching "Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes" on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) channel. Last nights episode was about all the extremely hard work that goes into Oprah's annual favorite things episode. It was really interesting to see all of the producers contact these different companies to see if they would like to be a part of the "favorite things". I was REALLY surprised that when Oprah's people contacted Apple, they first said "NO" to donating 300 iPad's for the show. Apple eventually changed their mind and at the last minute they gave the iPad's as part of the "favorite things" loot.

I thought that it would be fun for me to list some of my current favorite things...

If you are a "friend" of mine on Facebook you have heard me sing the praises of this gadget. Shawn gave me this for Christmas and it is wonderful!! We use it daily for coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino.

Next, I am currently reading "The Firstborn Series" by Karen Kingsbury. I cannot say enough about these books!! They are a follow up series to her "Redemption Series" and they have just been such a good inspirational read. It has been nice to read about fictional people who are going through the ups and downs of life but yet they turn to the Lord for guidance. I have read all 5 of the books of "The Firstborn Series" in two weeks - I have loved them all!!

Last but NOT least is my NOOKcolor. Shawn gave me a regular NOOK for Christmas last year and I loved it so, unfortunately a few weeks ago it started having small etch-a-sketch looking lines all across the screen. Each day the lines became worse and I eventually could not read it at all. Barnes and Noble was wonderful and because the price of the regular NOOK had dropped considerably since he bought mine they replaced mine with the NOOKcolor!
Thanks B & N!!
With that being said if any of you have a NOOK and would like to read any books that I have, just shoot me an email and I would be happy to "lend" you any that I have.

Well I am off to read - have a good weekend!!


  1. I love, love, love these books, too! They are a-mazing! :)

  2. those books are amazing!and i'd so love a tassimo coffee maker!
    you posts are really
    your blog is great!
    visit my page if you like !would be happy to see you on it!

  3. I am so sad that my Comcast doesn't give me the OWN Network! Boo!!!